Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Star Cluster Frames

This month our members of Creative Addictions to make templates, wordart, cluster frames and scrap kits pertaining to "Stars". We were not disappointed as we have many great selections to share with you.

Thank you to Allison, Belinda, Laura, Les, Rhon, Tasha, Teri and Valerie for jumping in and making "Star" quality work to share with you.

Here are some Cluster Frames for you.....





  1. Love the frames, but there is a problem, 1, Les,your url to Your homepage is on the same layer as the frame,so if I try to split it from the frame,it will been ruin,can you please help me,it's the 1 frame of Yours.
    Second,I can not open Valerie's 2 frame in Paint shop,can you help me With this too :-)
    Thanks for having this blog,and all these good stuff.xxx

  2. replied to you on the forum hun - thanks for letting us know :)